Who am I, anyway?

Discover Me offers personalized products and services that help individuals and work groups come to a better understanding about themselves and how they function.

We help people make informed decisions about things like:

  • What should I choose as a college major?

    DM can assess your aptitudes and personality along with your own interests, and develop a specific college and career path just for you. DM will research colleges and other higher learning institutions, find interesting majors even help you make appointments with admissions counselors.

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  • Should I go to graduate school or get a job?

    DM can look at the results of your assessments, your abilities and your goals and help you make decisions about graduate school, second majors and much more.

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  • Should I change careers?

    If you are not satisfied in your current job, if you don’t enjoy your work, or if your job is having a negative impact on your overall life satisfaction, you may not be in the right place. Discover Me can help you find your true calling and set goals to achieve your life’s dreams.

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work groups

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The Process


The Process

The Discover Me process is a simple one…

  1. Contact Discover Me to get started on your assessments.
  2. Once the assessments are completed, Discover Me goes to work developing a one of a kind Profile Report just for you. Your report can give information about things like:
    1. Your areas of strength
    2. Your areas for development
    3. Your preferences for communicating and interacting with others
    4. Your values and interests
  3. Discover Me then provides you with an overview of your report and suggestions for “Next Steps”
  4. Discover Me is also able to provide you with one-on-one coaching to help you develop a plan and achieve your goals.

"Really enjoyed the [Discover Me] process. The assessments were easy to complete...and I learned a lot about myself."

Products and Services

Products and Services

Products and Services: INDIVIDUALS


Discover Me offers a variety of products and services designed to help you come to know yourself better:

  • Find your strengths
  • Learn your aptitudes and areas of interest
  • Appreciate the way you function in the world
  • Understand your needs and values

“It is really helpful to see my interests laid out for me, and synthesized in the way your report shows…In short, these results really help to make me feel more confident about my path”

  • Discover Me Package

    Great for individuals trying to validate their interests and find out more about who they are. The package consists of three aptitude and personality assessments, a personalized Profile Report and a one hour Discover Me consultation.


  • Discover More

    A more in-depth package, great for those trying to discover a college major, return to the job market, change careers or learn about what motivates them. It consists of four aptitude and personality assessments, a “Needs and Values” Assessment, a personalized Profile Report, and two one-hour Discover Me consultations.


  • Discover Me Coaching

    You can add 2 coaching sessions to either package for an additional $100 (a $150 value)

“I loved talking to you because it really narrowed down a lot of ideas and made it easier for me to set tangible goals.”

Work Groups

Products and Services: GROUPS

Work Groups

Discover Me works with groups of two or more, using assessments and team-building practices to help organizations maximize potential. Discover Me provides a no-nonsense approach to team development and creates personalized programs based specifically on the goals of your organization or work group.

Non-Profit Organizations

Discover Me believes that non-profit organizations are unique business entities with many of the same issues and needs as for-profit organizations, but not all of the resources. Discover Me provides business services at affordable prices to help non-profits maximize their organizational performance.

Some examples of our workshops and services include:

  • Group Dynamics and Development
  • Leadership Styles & Applications
  • Group Communication Styles
  • Conflict Management/Dispute Resolution
  • Accountability in Organizations
  • Organizational Culture
  • Employee Selection Assessment
  • Executive/Leadership Coaching

“Discover Me was invaluable in helping us select a new Vice President. The assessment process helped us know exactly who we were hiring and took the fear out of making the decision.”

Discover Me can also provide small organizations and work teams with a retreat-like environment in which to conduct on-site team building exercises at no additional cost.



Mary Schulte is the President of Discover Me, LLC, an organization that uses assessment-based practices to assist individuals and work groups with growth and development issues - including career choices, employee selection, team-building and professional and life coaching. She holds a Master’s of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Missouri State University and has completed her coach training through The Institute for Life Coach Training.

With over 15 years of experience, Mary has worked with private and publicly traded companies and non-profit organizations on culture, selection, growth and team building projects. In addition to her work with businesses, Mary is highly praised for her work with individuals on identifying and achieving their life goals.